Special Cooking Class

Saturdays Only 

(Aavailable  from May to August)

Learn more about the Peruvian culture using the ancient authentic cooking techniques! 

9:00  to 14:00

Go to a farm close to Cusco city and prepare a traditional Pachamanca:

1. Begin by building the stone and soil pit oven.
2. Make a fire to heat your oven while you prepare everything for cooking.
3. You Bury the ingredients in the oven and let it cook.
4. Enjoy eating the product of your hard work!

Pachamanca Menu:

Special Menu
 (Andean Pachamanca)
Beverage  :
Beer or wine (extra available for purchase)
Main Course:
Pachamanca is served with backed beef, chicken, and Andean cheese marinated in spicy sauce and fine Andean herbs, and accompaned by different kinds of potatoes.

Price per person: before S/. 250 (Peruvian Soles) or approx. $ 65   (USD) - includes transportation, chef guidance, and all ingredients.