Peruvian Cooking Classes - Private Cooking Training Classes In Peru

PETE Peruvian Cooking Classes is an authentic experience of Peru´s worldwide-acclaimed gastronomy.

We are experimented and enthusiastic young Chefs, we are wonder to share our knowledge with you.

We will provide you a practical, active, participatory, fun and educational experiences for those with or without cooking skills.

We offer the longest, variated and unique menu options that you can better immerse yourself in the Peruvian cuisine.


Full Classic Classes (approx. 3 hours): 10:30  & 15:30.
Short Class (approx. 1.5 hours): 14:00.
Chocolate Making Class (approx. 2 hours): 11:30 & 16:30.
Special Pachamanca/Watia Class (approx. 5 hours): Saturdays only; 9:00.


The cooking classes are run everyday:

FULL CLASSIC COOKING CLASS: Visit the central market with the guidance of your local Chef, buy frsh ingredients, prepare them into a typical peruvian meal of your choise, finally enjoy eating the effort of your work.

SHORT COOKING CLASS: Skip the market and go straight to cooking a delicious beverage and main meal, finish enjoy eating like in a restaurant.

CHOCOLATE WORKSHOP: Envolve to the chocolate secrets preparing firstly a delicious Pisco sour and immers yourself to the chocolate world, learn how to make chocolate from bean to bar knowing the intricate process.

SPETIAL PACHAMANCA CLASS: Leave to the farm just nearby Cusco to learn to cook food of the gods, build a craft stone oven just like the ancient Incas!

All classes inckuides traditional Peruvian coctail!

Join us in small and private groups (maximun 9 participants) 

                                                                                       Extraordinary experience at unbeatable prices!
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