Peruvian Cooking Classes - Private Cooking Training Classes In Peru

Peruvian Cooking Classes is an authentic experience of Peru´s worldwide-acclaimed gastronomy.


Full Classic Classes (approx. 3 hours): 10:30  & 15:30.
Short Class (approx. 1.5 hours): 14:00.
Chocolate Making Class (approx. 2 hours): 11:30 & 16:30.
Special Pachamanca/Watia Class (approx. 5 hours): Saturdays only; 9:00.


All cooking class options are run everyday:

Full Classic Class: Shop for your own fresh ingredients at the central market and prepare them into a typical Peruvian meal of your choice.

Short Class: Skip the market and go straight to cooking a delicious meal for yourself and friends!

Chocolate Making Class: Learn how cocoa beans are produced and participate in the intricate process of turning them into delicious chocolate.

Special Pachamanca Class: Go to a farm just nearby Cusco to learn how to craft a stone and soil oven just like the ancient Incas!

All classes include traditional Peruvian cocktails!
Join us in our small and private groups (maximun 9 people)

                                                                                       Extraordinary experience at unbeatable prices!
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