1. FULL CLASSIC COOKING CLASS (Cooking for Lunch or Dinner): 

  • Menu#1, Menu#2, Menu#3,  Menu#4 the price per person is S/. 140  in peruvian soles (cash only), $ 45  (USD) cash, via Visa or Paypal.

  • Ceviche menu option, the price per person is S/. 150 in peruvian soles (cash only) $ 48 (USD) cash, via Visa or Paypal.    

  • Guineapig menu option, the price per person is S/. 180 in peruvian soles (cash only).  $ 57 (USD) cash, via Visa or Paypal.
The Chef guide, who does the cooking tour.
Fruit tasting.
The food: drink + starter + main couse + dessert.
All ingredients and materials you will need for the menu.
The Cooking lesson.
Whater during the activity.

Extra dink, vinne, beer, cake, ice cream, anymeet wich are not on your menu plan.

  • Menu Short Option #1, Menu Short Option #2 the price per person is S/. 80  in peruvian soles (cash only) $ 26 (USD) cash, via Visa or Paypal)

          Only lunch class, the price per person is S/.220 in peruvian soles (cash only), US. $ 69 cash, via Visa or Paypal.

 1st. workshop at 11:30 chocolate making class - from been to bar. The price per person is S/. 75 inperuvian soles (cash only) or US.$ 25 cash, via Visa or Paypal. 

2nd. workshop: Pisco & chocolate making class (incluides cocktail). The price per person is S/. 85 in peruvian soles (cash only) US. $ 27 cash, via Visa or Paypal. 

A cocktail Pisco sour.
Almost 130g of chocolate.  
All material to make your own chocolates.
English or spanish chef guide.