Short Cooking Class


At 13:30

(Short cooking class are available  from monday to friday)
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FIRST STAGE: (1 hour)

Work with a Peruvian chef to cook a delicious and authentic meal!

SECOND STAGE: (On your own time)

Enjoy your meal!

Price per person: S/. 90 (Peruvian Soles) or  $ 24 (USD)

Chef guide, who does the cooking tour.
Drink: Pisco sour cocktail
Food: a main course
All ingredients and materials you will need for the menu.
The cooking lesson.
Whater during the activity.

No market step, extra dink, vinne, beer, cake, ice cream, anymeet wich are not on your menu plan.




Own making

Pisco sour

The Peruvian  national drink, cocktail made with Peruvian Pisco, lime juice, bar syrup, egg white, ice cubes and angostura / bitterness.

NOTE: in case you do not drink alcohol we make Lemonade





Own making


Ají de Gallina

Chicken deep in yellow chili pepper sauce made with chili, onion, peanuts, crackers, milk, cheese. Served with local potato rice, garnished with hard boil egg and black olives.he

Note: available for vegetarian


Book in advance!