Full Cooking Class


Available from monday to saturday


Morning Class at 10:00 - 13:00
Afternoon Class at 15:15 - 16:15

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Come and become a local people shopping at the central Market, discover everything about Peruvian food. Known Peru through its cuisine with a glass of Pisco sour during the cooking class stage.

Try exotic fruits. With the help of your local Chef visit the local Central Market and find exotic ingredients, and learn to cook your favorite Peruvian meal, while learn about traditional ways of life.
Enjoy having the food you made like dining in a restaurant.  


1) You will start in the cooking class checking the recipe and making a shopping list for the market.
2) You will try some exotic fruits of the season.
3) You will walk with the Chef to the central local market nearby to get the missing ingredient for the menu.
4) You will be back to the kitchen to cook your menu. Cook drink + starter + main dish, enjoy our local dessert from chocolate. Enjoy having the food you made like dining in a restaurant.  
5) Finally, you will enjoy eating the menu you made like dining in a restaurant.

Vegetarian options are available, please advise if you have any specific dietary requirements at the time of reservation.

  •  All ingredients and material are includes in the price.
  • The class is possible in English or Spanish
  • Arrive 10 minutes before start the class.
  • Advise any specific dietary requirements at the time of reservation.
  • This cooking class is ideal for all ages and skill levels.
  • In case the participant is 11 years old or younger we offer diferent price.
  • Children prepare lemonade instead of Pisco sour.
  • Free filtered bottle water during your cooking class.
NOTE: all participants prepare the same menu during the cooking class.

Price per person before: S/. 170 (Peruvian Soles) or $ 45 (USD).
Now incluiding 15% discuount
Price per person: S/. 145 (Peruvian Soles) or before $ 40 (USD). (Cash only)





Own making

Pisco sour

The Peruvian  national drink, cocktail made with Peruvian Pisco, lime juice, bar syrup, egg white, ice cubes and angostura / bitterness.

NOTE: in case you do not drink alcohol we make Lemonade





Own making



Fish marinated in lime juice, chili, cilantro/coriander, celery, ginger, milk and onion served cold with fresh corn and sweet potato. Discover about Peruvian tiger´s milk.

NOTE: available vegetarian



 Main Course



Group preparation

 Lomo Saltado

Sliced steak sauteéd with onion, tomato, vinegar, soya sauce. Served with French fries and rice.

NOTE: available vegetarian






Prepared in advance



One of the most favorites treats of Peruvians, created in Ica - Peru. Made with chocolate, blancmange and pecan.

NOTE: we offer free milk


Book in advance!