Cocktails & Chocolate Workshop


Every day, you can attend 2 hours of workshop.

At 19:00 
Price per person S/.100 soles.

During this workshop you will learn how to make the most deliciuos cocktails, created in contries  of America and also learn about the chocolate process (from bean to bar) in our factory.

It incluides make 2 different classics cocktail by yourself: Pisco Sour and Mojito varieted with Peruvian Pisco.

Once finish making the cocktail continue with chocolate process.

In the chocolate process (from bean to bar) learn:
- Roast cacao beans.
- Peel cacao beans and get cacao Nibs.
- Grind cacao Nibs to get 100% pure chocolate.
- Learn about mixing, refining and conching of the chocolate.
- Mold, mix and match filling to create your own chocolate.

NOTE: The workshop is in English or Spanish, it incluides: 120g of chocolate with flavors, ingredient for the cocktail and Chef guide.